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And with having posted my emergency commission post...


Thatโ€™s right! After giving some thought for what I could do for Pride Month (since Iโ€™m kinda struggling drawing for myself atm) and also having played Linkโ€™s Awakening for a while, Iโ€™m also taking YCH commissions!! Message me if interested, along with which type you want, what flag(s) (tho please no joke flags), and a clear ref of your OC/sona!

Reblogs are appreciated!!


Donโ€™t use/repost it as if itโ€™s your artwork nor itโ€™s for you to use (unless itโ€™s like. a finished comm and with given permission, you can). DO NOT EDIT NOR COPY FROM THE IMAGE + DESIGNS. DONโ€™T REMOVE CAPTION.

Thank you.

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To all thatโ€™re NBLM, MLNB, and MLM, even questioning, that feel like they donโ€™t fit anywhere or are conflicted due to their attraction, I think you folks are lovely, valid beings and I hope youโ€™ll find your sense of belonging soon.


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Need More People To Follow!

My Waterfall dash is kinda empty atm. If you wanna, like and/or reblog this post if you're into/happen to post, or are the following!

  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (current interest as of lately)
  • Monster Prom
  • Pokemon
  • Team Fortress 2
  • OFF (game)
  • Saints Row
  • Punk, goth, cyberpunk, nature, rockabilly, and other radical aesthetics
  • Anywhere in the LGBTQA+ spectrum
  • Art
  • Music
  • Steven Universe
  • Ace Attorney

Bonus if you are:

  • Either MLM or NBLM and post either one or both content of the like
  • Also an artist of any media
  • Someone who has OCs of their own as well


  • NSFW/porn blog either containing a lot of sexual stuff or gore/violence
  • DDLG/MDLB/any form of CGL(re), pedophile, MAP, littlespace, kidheart, draw CP, l*lis, sh*tas, f*tas, shipping minor/adult and minor/minor, etc.
  • You ship abusive/problematic couples, have a thing for nowhere near redeemable characters, or kin as so. (People who are otherkin with characters that're either good, redeemable, or aren't as bad and are respectful to others are welcome! Those who do, like say... kin Ouma Kokichi and act like a piece of shit for example, aren't.)
  • You're a TERF, SWERF, radfem, racist, nazi, ableist, part of cringe culture, use slurs of sorts, any sort of phobic towards LGBTQA+, or someone who does nothing but get into politics and discourse. This also involves people who reference gross "jokes"/memes like "pee your pants", "fucking normies" with the screech, "I'm gonna say the N-word!", anything falling into being offensive or having bad context of any kind

As said before, if you're into the interests n' such above, I'll check out your blog and might give you a follow! Though, if you fall anywhere into the DNI's or make me uncomfortable in anyway, you will be blocked as I hold the right to do so.

Thanks! Peace out. โœŒ๏ธ